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Sydney George Ray
1922 - 1979

We were founded in 1963 by Sydney George Ray, who finding himself without a job decided to start up as a contractor to the North Thames Gas Board on the Western Division covering West London and parts of Surrey, Middlesex and Berkshire following the demise of messrs. Edgar & Company - a large contractor who had operated across the NTGB area.

Syd (or Steve as he was known) had been a supervisor with Edgars' with several men under his control and they all moved en-bloc to continue the existing contracts with NTGB.

This arrangement suited NTGB and soon extended to work with the Southern Gas Board.

Activities included installations in new housing and service risers in blocks of flats. Added to this was contracting to the industrial and commercial departments of the Gas Boards' including primary meter installations. The customer base expanded to include government departments, local authorities and industry and commerce. Heating, M & E and appliance installations completed a full package of services offered. The advent of natural gas gave a massive boost to everyone involved in the gas industry and S G Ray installed thousands of filters and governors to domestic and industrial and commercial meters during the conversion project.

During the 1970's the new material POLYETHYLENE arrived on the gas industry scene and S G Ray embraced this exciting new product in association with the DuPont Company.

PE installation forms a large part of our company's activities to the present day.

Over time Syd's four sons - Keith, Colin, Martin and Nick all joined their father in the company.

All four are still pipe men today with Keith and Nick running the company with the same aim - to provide quality and service to customers both old and new.

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